Friday, 29 January 2016

The shortened journey

27-Jan: Oeiras to Sesimbra

In my original plan, on the second day was supposed to sail from Oeiras to Sines, a 53nm trip. However, on the previous evening, I went grocery shopping and then stay up until past 2 AM stowing everything and just left Oeiras after 10 AM, despite awakening early.

Sunrise in Oeiras Marina (Porto de Recreio de Oeiras)

While I was pretty comfortable with nightly arrival at Sines, before turning the Espichel cape I conclude that I was far too tired and sleepy to endure the whole trip. Indeed, thanks to nice sailing conditions, during part of the afternoon I was struggling to stay awake.

Perfect sailing conditions, heading to Cape Espichel

Thus, I decided to shorten this journey, deviating from my planned route and turn East to Sesimbra for an overnight stay.

Calm sunset before arriving at Sesimbra

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