Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Lazy sailing to Cadiz

20-21 Feb: Chipiona to Cadiz

We left Chipiona in the morning and headed west, to get far from the shallow waters near the coastline. Theoretically, Trovoada could sail there directly to Cadiz, since charts show soundings always about two meters. Nevertheless, I preferred to play safe and sail for deeper waters. It cost a couple of hours, but the distance to Cadiz was relatively short anyway.

Chipiona from the sea. The lighthouse (second bigger in the world, as I was told) dominate the skyline even when surrounded by several-stories-high buildings.

With relatively soft wind and a warm temperature, the trip from Chipiona to Cadiz was quite relaxing. This was welcoming, after the previous overnight crossing of the Gulf of Cadiz. As we approach the Bay of Cadiz, the traffic started to grow. Navy ships, ferries, cargo ships, and lots of sailboats in a regatta. Despite the crowded water, it was pleasant to see all the movement. 

The regatta and a ferry, in the distance
Finding the Marina Puerto America was easy and we were given a very nice berth. Trovoada was secured. I can go for a shower and explore the city.

Trovoada, in her lonely berth at Marina Puerto America
While the marina is relatively far from the city, it is still a (long) walking distance. Nevertheless, the walk to the city at the end of the day was a surprising pleasure and it proved worthy. 

Cadiz at sunset, on my way from the marina to the city center 
Cadiz is a vibrant town, with an amazing old city. Strolling within those narrow streets, observing locals shopping, partying, drinking coffee or just wondering around, was a delight. 

The narrow streets of the old city

Plaza de San António

Cadiz family nightlife: kids playing in the street, parents  

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