Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Solving problems

01 to 15-Feb: Vilamoura

I spent Monday morning assessing the damage in the mainsail and figuring out out to solve this problem. I concluded that, since the sail had ripped off in two and is more than fifteen years old, it was unworthy to repair it. The goal now was to get a new one as faster as possible.

The mainsail ripped in two 
The following two days were spent calling sailmakers and negotiating the best solution, regarding both costs and delivery time. After many calls and a short, I decided to order the new sail to Sail Loft. They would have one ready in less than two weeks by a fair price. Next step was to remove the old sail, pack it, and to send it to the sailmaker.

Packing the old ripped sail in the pontoon
That afternoon a dinghy came to my pontoon the pick up the sail. It was a first class service from Sail Loft guys. Later that week they even took my genoa to perform small repairs. Awesome. The following week I just took some time to work, to cook, and to enjoy magnificent sunsets.

Sunset on February 3rd 
Sunset on February 4th
Sunset on February 7th

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  1. Bonita paisagem. Espero que já tenhas a vela nova. Abraço mano