Thursday, 4 February 2016

Strolling in Sines

29-Jan: Sines

After a well deserved night of sleep and since strong winds and five-meter waves were forecasted for the morning, I decided to spend the day in Sines. After working in the morning, I left the marina and strolled through the narrow streets of the old city center.

Sines seafront houses
There I found a typical tavern and had lunch there.  This was not one of those new gourmet restaurants disguised as a tavern, now commonly found in Lisbon. This is the "real deal", with the five-liter wine bottle, the elderly owner serving food to dockworkers, and the old wooden tables with marble tops.

The typical tavern where I had lunch
Then, after lunch, I seated close to the castle walls and had a skype meeting. I can say that I was working with a privileged ocean view. From there I can view the sidewalk, the beach, and the marina on the left, protected by the inner breakwater and, further ahead, by the port breakwater.

View from the Sines Castle
After buying fresh fruit and bread, I went back to Trovoada. There I relaxed for a while, before getting back to work. Everything (including me) must be ready for the more than seventy nautical miles to Lagos, that we will sail the following day.

Relaxing onboard while at Sines marina (porto de recreio de Sines)

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